The Relay
The relay

The Relay is a podcast about embracing the varied perspectives of the human experience across the racial spectrum. It’s designed to encourage real empathy by facilitating nuanced dialogue and creating a space for people to lay down their biased presuppositions and simply listen to one another. The show is (somewhat ironically) hosted by two 30-something, middle class white guys, (perhaps the most privileged demographic in our society); Luke Brawner and Aaron Hale, who have spent the last couple years co-hosting Sons & Doubters, a podcast about faith and doubt.

In the wake of the events of the last year that have directly contributed to the increasingly heated climate of racial tension in the U.S., Brawner and Hale felt an urgent need to take a break from Sons & Doubters to participate in this conversation. Their role therein, as they see it, is less about offering their voices or perspectives, and more about publicly acknowledging and laying down their own inherent biases, and showcasing and listening to the perspectives of others.

Reconciliation begins with empathy; empathy begins with listening; listening begins with shutting our own mouths and believing in the validity of other perspectives.

This is a sprint and a marathon. It requires urgency and endurance. It will take all of us. This is The Relay.

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    [Archive] The Pass, The Poet & The Paddleboat, with Michael Stevenson

    Luke & Aaron talk to social entrepreneur Michael Stevenson about his unique experience growing up black in a predominantly white Houston suburb, and the well-intended, albeit occasionally misguided, acceptance he received into white culture throughout his life.

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    [Archive] This Is The Relay

    A brief introduction to The Relay, a podcast about embracing the varied perspectives of the human experience across the racial spectrum, hosted by Luke Brawner and Aaron Hale.